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Nairobi – Kenya

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Join us and sow seed for projects in Nairobi.

Nairobi - wow - where to start? Imagine you are going to a place and you can feel that God is going to send you there to do a lot of great work, helping so many people! Not doing this alone, but together with others in a lovely way. Six years ago, I (Iisa) wrote on a post-it note that she wanted to give lectures abroad. The next day, a woman called and asked if I could travel to Nairobi and give a lecture! I go, and when I'm there for just a few days, I already know that I will be back, but not when and why. In 2023, I meet my husband, Simeon, who lives in Gothenburg but is from Nairobi! Both of us have prayed to God to send us the right partner. God guides us to go to Nairobi and to move there or have Nairobi as a base… As of writing this, we haven't moved yet, but we feel it's about to happen.   What projects will be carried out in Nairobi? I could write a whole book about it! What I can tell you is that I see the world turning upside down - where those of us in the West look to Kenya, learning from Kenya in various ways. At the same time, they learn from us - we exchange ideas and create together, both physically and online. An example is schools. I know several people in Norway who wish the school system was different. In Nairobi, we can create holistic schools, and this can inspire other countries. It may sound strange to some, but this is what I have seen many times in visions and meditations. Another example is business. As a businesswoman for many years, I and many I have helped with their business have felt the pressure to do everything, master everything, work almost around the clock, be on social media when we really just want to work on our passion in our businesses. Physical businesses close, then came online courses, etc., which are also struggling now. We are facing something new that no one knows how it will be. What I believe is that by using passion, joy, focusing on starting with what we have, helping each other, combining what we know and what we have - we can create magical businesses in Nairobi! I have also seen a collaboration between Neiden and Nairobi, and Norway in general, and Kenya. I don't know what this entails, but images of resources being in Kenya - creating something used in Norway - are strong. All these are images that I have seen over many years. It's like many pieces falling into place, like having seen scenes from a movie for 33 years, and now the film is starting to take shape. It will now be "filmed" - and you can be a part of it!   There are no rules for what we should activate in Nairobi, as long as it is in God's spirit and love, freedom, and abundance of the good. It should be fun, engaging, and invite those who want to be a part of it - of all ages! It is not up to us to decide on the projects. We trust that God will show us the way when we get there. What we can say for sure is that the projects will take time and money. We have time. We trust that the money will come as needed. Therefore, we want to invite those who want to contribute in the way that feels best for each individual. We live in trust and have surrendered our lives to God, serving God 100% - we live according to God's plan, which is incredibly exciting. We are so excited to travel to Nairobi, and in our network, we already have several people who want to come down and help with whatever projects we are going to start. Why not go down first and then tell what projects are relevant? Well, this too is part of God's plan. It's as if things are really turning upside down these days! It is such that I have been guided that we should share everything along the way, and that contributors are also involved in the projects from day 1. It's so exciting to be there from the beginning of something! It doesn't matter if the contribution is this way or that way, this is an invitation to be a part of it for those who feel called. We know that we are on a mission for God in this life, so churches will also be a natural place to contribute to projects. We care about all aspects of life, love, health, job/business, finances, living one's mission for God - together creating the new that God guides us to. This is how I used to say when I started my first network, those who join - join in trust - because this is completely new. You can't compare it to anything. Yes, here we can recognize supporting projects, but this is about something much more - we invite you to be a part of this, with us - actively or passively - in the way that suits you.     We want to contribute to people changing their reality, creating with joy, giving with love, lifting each other across borders... because from Neiden to Nairobi is also about all places that are both above, between, in front, behind, under these places... it's about the whole world. Holipa is a great ambition, delivered 33 years ago - and now ready for us to dedicate time to it. All this is about God; it's not about projects or Holipa... these are just labels we put on it to create projects that serve God. We are fishers of people for God. But we are not created to sit in a room alone; we are guided to carry out projects, and together with others, create a movement. This is created by someone starting to walk. You are warmly welcome to walk with us. Walk with God. Walk with us. In love. When we arrive in Nairobi, we will activate the first project that is shown to us, and we will start with the means we have. It is absolutely perfect! Wow, we are so excited! We will, of course, document everything that is done; we do that on our side, The Kibarabaras - where you can follow our journey... it's like a "Netflix" page, which you can also subscribe to support our work for God. Who knows, maybe you are one of those who will come to Nairobi with us? Or maybe you create your project where you are?


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